David Hino, 2/3/2015  

This prophetic word is a practical application of the five chapters of the book of I John.  After you read this word, I would encourage you to read I John.  What John wrote to the church in the first century is still the important message today.

Church, you have become too occupied with being spiritual and perfect and wanting to distance yourself from the world.  But, Jesus lived in the world that you are condemning.  The problem is not the world, the problem is the church.

(I John 1)

The problem in the church is disunity.  The church does not like each other.  The generations: children, young adults and adults do not trust each other.

The problem is not the world, but your attitudes which are worldly.  The Holy Spirit has been given to you to know the truth, but you don’t know the Holy Spirit.  If you do not know the Holy Spirit then you don’t know God.  You know principles, you know teachings, but you don’t know God.  When Jesus returns, you should not have to figure out who He is.  Know God now, so that later, you can stand confidently before Him when He returns.

(I John 2)

The main message is love.  This has been the message from the beginning of time, since Cain and Abel.  You do not need a new message, the old message was love and is still love.  Christians believe that they have a right to do anything or say anything they want.  What they call freedom is really rebellion.

(I John 3)

There is much deception in the world.  When you discern without love, then you are also in deception.  God has given you the Holy Spirit to discern truth.  You are spreading fear even when you think you are loving.

Many of you grew up in a family that was run by punishment and/or reward and not by love.  God declares that there is no fear in love.  Breaking the family cycle does not start with you, it starts with God.  God loves you, therefore, you can love others.

(I John 4)

Knowing God loves you changes everything.  When you are in love, obeying God is a privilege and honor.  You have three life changing forces in your life:

1.  The Holy Spirit is in You.

2.  God’s Unique Calling is in You.  There is no else in this world like you from your fingerprints to your DNA.

3.  God’s Power is in You because the power of the cross resides in you.

Therefore, God actually moves when you pray.  Your prayers can change the world.  Many have left the church and many are confused in the church and your first calling to them is not words but to love and pray.

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