David Hino, June 25, 2013

Recently, I took a closer look at the spirit of control after hearing many Christians bring up the topic.  In the past, my response was to avoid people who were ruled with the spirit of control.  A controlling spirit is an unhealthy need to influence others.  It is a spiritual stronghold that blinds too many leaders or people who want to be leaders.  Some have called this the Jezebel spirit based on the woman in 1 and 2 Kings.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a reverse confessional at Cal State Long Beach University.  LoveHop, a prayer ministry, had organized a reverse confessional toward leaders of the gay community.  I also participated in confessing to the leaders various ways that the church has hurt the gay community.

Recently, I heard Don Potter share and pray repentance on behalf of  the church for hurting others as the means to reach others.  Listening to Don Potter and remembering the event at Cal State Long Beach, I had a new understanding that we can battle the the spirit of control through repentance.

My past reaction to avoid people who displayed the spirit of control did not show emotional health but my lack of health.  Boundaries are healthy but avoidance is not.  When I repent of the spirit of control in my life and in my generational line, I release past woundedness and judgements.  Repentance is key to releasing authority over the spirit of control.

The following prayer was release at The Light on June 9, 2013.  I have made a few revisions to the original prayer.  A number of people have been deeply touched and transformed by this prayer.  Read the prayer through a couple of times.  Allow God to release this prayer deep into your spirit.

Prayer to Break the Spirit of Control

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I repent for myself and my generational line:

for all manipulation that resulted in the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of control,

for all rebellion that resulted in witchcraft,

for all envy and jealousy of others,

for personal recognition in the place of God’s recognition,

for operating out of woundedness,

for damaging others with words and actions,

for blaming others instead of personal confession,

for using others for selfish purposes,

for not protecting those who needed protection,

for those who destroyed relationships and released disunity,

for leaders who used the church for their own purposes.

In my generational line, from Adam to the present, I break off the spirit of control.

I break all curses and assignments of the spirit of control over myself and my generational line.

Remove all ungodly spiritual beings and evil networks connected to me and empowered by my ancestors.

Remove the veil from my head that hides me from others and God and bring me into freedom.

Cut the cord that encircles my neck and breathe life into me.

Restore to me and my family line all that the enemy has stolen.

Restore health.  Restore finances.  Restore godly authority.  Restore relationships.

I surrender my rights to follow Jesus Christ.

I will walk in the protective armor of God.

I will be a leader of grace, humbleness and mercy.

I will walk in unity with my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

I will practice hospitality.

I will bless those who persecute me.

I will be patient, loving and kind.

I will be humble.

I will honor others.

I will edify and lift up others.

I will be quick to forgive.

I will let all wrongs roll off of me.

I will rejoice in truth.

I will protect, trust, hope and persevere.

Lord, I declare that I am a child of God.

I am RULED by You.

You are the LORD over all.

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