The Light Christian Fellowship has supported many international outreaches and has made major contributions toward Japan and Mexico.  One key mission of the church is supporting Burundi refugees in Uganda with Amahoro International (AMI)

Amahoro Life Center in Uganda

In 2016, The Light in cooperation with Amahoro International (AMI) supported the creation of the Joyful House of Refuge (JHR), a new home for Burundian refugees in Uganda.  JHR is continuing to expand as a vibrant self-sustaining Life Center with income-generating businesses that include a community vegetable garden, chicken coop, barber shop, and educational training.  Makinto and Mukarabe have been key leaders in establishing this work.

JHR is respected as a wonderful example of Christ-centered reconciliation in the Uganda. The Burundian residents have integrated into Uganda’s schools, business community, and local church.

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