By David Hino, updated March  7, 2018

Starting to Move Supernaturally 

Starting in 2005, my wife and I began a deeper walk into the realm of the supernatural ways of God in both our personal life and ministry.  During this period, we had many supernatural encounters with God and this revealed our ignorance to the ways of God  and released a passion to know Him more fully.  During this time and after much prayer, I believed that God wanted us to establish a church in the Los Angeles area with four key values:

  • Spirit-filled
  • multi-cultural
  • healthy biblical community
  • empowers new leadership

I believe that the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are intended to be normal in the believer’s life.

Signal Hill, in the Greater Long Beach Area
Early in February, 2006, I was driving through Long Beach  – near Signal Hill –  and God spoke to me.  It was a very strong impression.  Over the next several weeks, I continued to get this unique impression from God in the same place near Signal Hill.

Lighting Bolt Hits the Church
On Sunday morning, July 23, 2006,  as I said good-bye to my home church, Anaheim Free Methodist  Church, a bolt of lighting hit the church.  The lights flickered and an electrical buzz went through the sound system and the noise of fear, surprise and wonderment filled the people.  I believe God was speaking in that moment.

Before I went to the second service, a quick study of lightning in the Bible revealed that God spoke many times through lightning.  Lightning came on Jesus at the baptism of Jesus and this was a key transition moment in his life as he entered ministry. After the service ended, Mike Toguchi, a staff at the church, had prayed the night before,  “Lord, speak to us in thunder and lightings.”  Others who witnessed this event saw a clear confirmation and direction from the Lord.

Light & Life Christian Fellowship – North,  Long Beach
Larry Walkemeyer, a long time friend and pastor of the Light & Life Christian Fellowship – North, Long Beach, California (LLCF) , planted six churches in the last five years and has a deep heart to plant more churches in the Greater Long Beach area.  So, we decided to come under the leadership of the LLCF in September, 2006.

Key Questions
We asked these key questions as we begin the church:

  • What would happen if a group of people were desperate to see God’s Spirit move in supernatural miracles?
  • What would happen if we allowed God to work as He did in the Bible?

We decided to set no limits on the Holy Spirit and to see where He will take us. We believe that it is possible to confront our doubts and unbelief and find our true identity and birthright in God and experience his divine promises. “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) is his promise to bring heaven to earth.

Core Team Developed
In September, 2006, we gathered a team from 10 to 15 people to grow in prayer, how to hear God, and how to move in the Holy Spirit.  After months of incredible growth in the Lord, we started our “pre-celebration” services on Saturday night at LLCF.

God Answers to our Prayers
Beginning in September, 2006, our church has seen people miraculously healed and transformed. We are discovering the answers to our two key questions we asked years ago.  Over years, we have seen many people healed of various physical, spiritual, generational and emotional problems.

The Next Chapter is being written in Signal Hill

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