Our Vision

We seek to be God’s family, His holy dwelling place where lives have freedom to grow in His Spirit and are healed and transformed in a safe atmosphere, impacting our homes, city, nation and the world.

Our Mission

The Light Christian Fellowship exists to:

Our Values

1.  Bible

  • We believe the Bible is God’s inspired truth.
  • We hold that the Bible is foundational to our beliefs and values.
  • We are committed to individual and corporate application of the Bible as essential for living.
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Our Worship

Worship is our individual and group response to God because of who God is. Worship is the only thing that we can give to God and it pleases Him. In Worship, God also responds to us for He desires to dwell in us so that we overflow with His presence. (Romans 12:1; I Cor. 3:16; II Cor. 6:16; John 7:38)

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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs: Statement of Faith

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