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September 10, 2023
Gay Zambrano, Bee a Difference Maker, Matthew 5:13-16 LINK

September 3, 2023
David Hino, State of Ultimate Happiness: Beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-12 LINK

August 27, 2023
Gay Zambrano, Relationship: What is Your Framework? LINK

August 20, 2023
David Hino, When Everything Goes Crazy, Opposite, and Wrong  LINK

July 30, 2023
David Hino, “Stars Can’t Shine without Darkness: Overcoming Adversity,” LINK

July 23, 2023
Gay Zambrano, “Relationship in Community: Bee Connected” LINK

July 16, 2023
Dan Zambrano, Be(e) Encouraged, LINK

July 9, 2023
Ron Tanaka, What Do You See, Jeremiah 1, LINK

July 2, 2023
David Hino, Forgiveness: God’s Greatest Gift, LINK

June 25, 2023
Gay Zambrano, Power of Prayer: What makes Effective Prayer, LINK

June 18, 2023
“Prayer Leads to Mission,” David Hino LINK

March 26, 2023
Engaging with Truth,” Gay Zambrano, LINK

January 1, 2023
“Climb Every Mountain: Word for 2023,” David Hino, LINK (audio issues on second slide of the music, see the Video LINK Complete song “Climb Every Mountain” LINK