This is a three week exercise into learning how to hear God’s voice.

Week 1: Hearing God Intro

John 10:2-5, 14-15, says, “my sheep hear my voice.”  If hearing God is so important then why are we afraid to hear God?  Are we afraid to be labeled crazy?  Are we afraid that God will tell us to do something that we don’t want to do?

If you are human, then you have heard God speak to you.  He often speaks to us in ways that are common everyday events.  Had an inspired moment?  Stopped to see a flower on the side of the road?  Been touched by the selfless act of giving by another person?  Wept over victims in a tragedy?  Been encouraged by another person?  Felt loved by an act of kindness?  Had a dream about a friend?  Daydreamed about someone you had not seen in a long time?  Felt compelled to give assistance to someone in need?  Had a strong impression to pray for someone?  The person who is able to integrate these different moments with God is starting to understand how to hear the voice of God.

Exercises for this week.
How does God speak to me? List the top five. (see above for examples)

How do you release one of the items in #1 to another person this coming week?  Look for God opportunities.  When you do this, you have just heard God and been a blessing to another person.  List what you did this week to touch another person.

Week 2:  Hearing God
Noise and Quiet

If God really speaks, then why is it so hard to hear? Often, the noises around us are blocking out the voice of God.  External noises include ipods, television, computers and video games.  Internal noises include bitterness, discouragement, fear, selfishness and sexual impurity.  Other noises might include peer pressure, the neighbor yelling at you or a nagging _____.

The louder the noises, the greater the need to find silence and solitude before God to hear God.  You literally need to final a quiet place without distractions so that your spirit can quiet the noises.  In quietness, we hear God.  Learning to hear God in the quiet place will help you to hear God in the noisy place.

Exercises for this week.

  1. Find a quiet place?  The beach, a park, your couch, your bathtub, backyard, etc.  Moving autos usually are not quiet places.  Go to the same place often this week to hear God.
  2. In your quiet place, do nothing for at least 10 minutes, 30 minutes is better but probably unrealistic if this is new.  Do not ask God for anything.  Do not sing.  Do not read.  Sense your body relaxing.  Sense your spirit resting.

Week 3:  Hearing God
Lovers vs. Servants

Luke 10:38-42

Martha was the obedient servant to Jesus.  Mary was the listening lover to Jesus.  Listening to Jesus is more about being a lover than being a servant.  The purpose of listening to Jesus is not simply to be obedient.  The purpose of listening is for intimacy with Jesus.  Listening changes us.  The more we know Jesus, the more we will obey Jesus.

Exercises for this week:

Spend time listening to Jesus to know His heart.  Spend time listening for intimacy with Jesus.

Everyday, listen to see a deepening of the goodness of God.